Our Burn-in and Reliability Qualification services include HTOL, LTOL, and HAST. With our large number of installed equipment and experienced staff, you can have the confidence of getting the stress completed on time.

Our Reliability services include the following:

  • High-power Burn-in
  • HTOL – High Temperature Operating Life
  • HTSL – High Temperature Storage Life
  • LTOL – Low Temperature Operating Life
  • LTSL – Low Temperature Storage Life
  • HAST – Highly Accelerated Stress Test
  • THNB – Temperature Humidity Non-Bias
  • Temperature and Humidity Cycling
  • Autoclave/Pressure Pot
  • Bake


We have a number of low to high power (up to 60W) High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL) systems as well as systems for Ultra High Power HTOL (greater than 60W up to 800W).  We have multiple systems of each type to run projects in parallel including Incal 8160-HX, Incal XP-8160, Incal XP-160, and Volt Test System (high power).

  • Incal 8160-HX
    • Hi PowerSystem (RTBI) for up to 60 Watts devices
  • Incal XP-8160
    • Burn-In Ovens – with 8 power supplies
  • Incal XP-160
    • Burn-In Ovens – with 4 power supplies
  • Pre-Screen Stations for All
  • Volt Test System (High Power)
      • Individual control up to 800watts per device


Lıberty Labs performs LTOL test according to JEDEC standard JESD22-A108, AECQ100 and other industry and customer specific standards. LTOL is widely used in military, space and avionics applications where operation at sub-zero temperatures is required. We have Despatch chambers that are capable of -55C for LTOL testing.

We have the following equipment to perform LTOL:

◦ Despatch Chamber (-55 degree)


We have a variety of HAST and THB chambers to provide environmental conditions from -55°C to +150°Cand Relative humidity from 0% to 95% percent.

We have several HAST systems including:

  • Trio Tech HAST 6000X Chamber
  • Hirayama HAST Chambers
  • Cincinnati THB Chambers

PCB Design and Fabrication

We have an expert team of designers with a focus on designing burn-in boards specifically for Incal HX, XP-8160, and XP-160 systems, as well as HAST and ATE loadboards.  Each design is customized to meet your device requirements.  We help with selecting a cost effective socket to match the size, form, and fit.

Our team has designed thousands of boards and have experience with high speed and high pin count devices. We have an understanding of our individual customer needs and our flexibility is what sets us apart.  Our expertise includes:

  • Hıgh speed
  • Hıgh pin count
  • High layer count
  • RF
  • HDI with micro vias
  • Advanced materials

We have engineering support and services on the production floorto help you bring up your boards and debug any failures during initial bring-up and qualification testing. We also do critical component assembly on-site and full PCB (BIB, HAST) certification to customer requirements.